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About André-Troner

Focused and Dedicated:
André-Troner is a business firm that is focused on the sale or licensing of patent portfolios for select clients.  Our clients are among the best known fortune 500 companies.  We have negotiated with companies throughout the world.  Our clients include past companies we have negotiated with.

Results Driven:
We are one of the highest licensing revenue generators for our clients in the world.  We have negotiated and obtained licenses of significant value for our clients for more than 10 years.

We are not a law firm.  However, our team includes a highly skilled team of experienced licensing attorneys and business executives with over 110 years collective experience.

Faster with Lower Risk:
We are a contingency based team dedicated to licensing patent portfolios.  We improve our clients profits immediately and long term by reducing costs and risks.  Realized licensing revenue is increased while shortening the timetable for licensing revenue.

Extensive Resources:
We utilize extensive resources to bring to bear important and fundamental technology, reverse engineering, and market data.  We operate alone or in parallel with our clients internal efforts.

International Implications:
We understand the financial, cultural and legal implications and nuances inherent with international licensing negotiations.  Click here to see a representative list of companies Andre-Troner has negotiated with.

We have been involved with licensing portfolios representing a broad range of technologies including: semiconductor processing and circuits, digital cameras, cell phones, optical storage, wired and wireless communications, chemical, telecom equipment, and television.

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